GS history starts in 1996 with work at height in preparation of big events. Stadium expansions and other tall constructions gave the adequate background for more learning and development in our activity.

The founding partners began their technical training more than ten years ago, and since then have gathered experience in executing and managing procedures in large building sites. Both worked for several years as independent experts for other companies, which relied on their knowledge of the wind power industry.

Through our know-how, we can access a large range of independent engineers for each area.

Our core team is constituted of 10 highly competent professionals from countries all over the world.

In 2008 we moved to southern Europe, as the demand for qualified personnel substancially increased, and is very high still!

In 2012 the company established as Goger – Schwedt GS, SL General Service in order to better assist the iberian market costumers, providing cost effective and competitive quality services. Since early 2013, the company GS is registered in Spain. Moreover, we aim to train and hire spanish and portuguese technicians.