Buildings Maintenance

Assembly / Disassembly

Damage Reports & Safety

We provide a full range of services for hard to reach areas in buildings.
Roofs, chimneys, windows and facades are among our usual work places!

We perform assembly and disassembly of different types of structures and equipments on construction sites, buildings, outdoors facilities and any other setting where our skills may be needed.

We conduct an in depth analysis of status and/or damages in all kinds of height or hard to reach facilities. We also can take care of elimination of dangers.

  • Facade and roof cleaning (glass, steel, concrete, and composite structures)
  • Window and lamellae cleaning
  • Lighting replacements
  • Sealing and coating of facades
  • Corrosion protection and painting work
  • Removal of damaged areas on facades and roofs
  • Renewal of facade coverings
  • Concrete restoration
  • Replacement and repair of lighting and sound equipment as well as advertising banners
  • Cleaning, repair, and renovation of all superstructures located on facades and roofs (gutters, catwalks, chimneys, etc.)
  • Pigeon deterrence, wasp protection (installation of permanent deterrent systems)
  • Membrane roofs
  • Antenna facilities and radio, broadcasting, cable masts, etc.
  • Cable channels and lines
  • Fall protection equipment
  • Prefabricated construction components on facades and roofs
  • Diverse lighting and sound facilities  
  • Advertising banners
  • Prefabricated lightning, solar, and sun protection equipment
  • Compilation of damage and current status inspection reports with film and photo documentation
  • Survey work
  • Construction site safety –  securing and eliminating acute dangers to avoid  personal injury and damage to property
  • Securing and  removal of storm damages
  • Installation of protective equipment to avoid danger zones.